Why Gold

Why Invest In Gold?

Due to the uncertain global economic climate gold is becoming more favorable as an investment vehicle.

The video below provides an insightful review of why you should be looking at investing in Gold.

Most developed nations use paper currency which is backed by nothing and this has proven not to work!

Currencies Fail

Currency Hyperinflation

Paper Money Not Backed By Gold

In the American Constitution, the founding fathers, clearly mentioned gold and silver for a key reason.

One of the main factors that opened the way to the American Revolution and brought about the independence from England, was due to the American Colonists not wanting any feature of England’s central banking system.

Central Banking

A central bank issues the currency, regulates the money supply, and controls the interest rates in a country. This bank also prints the national currency.

Central banking does not work well due to giving a private bank, which has private owners, full power to over a country’s currency.

There are usually no independent institutions that can control individuals from printing money irresponsibly, or even to benefit their own pursuits.

Thomas Jefferson

The federal reserve bank is privately owned and usually can do what it pleases. It has the autonomy to print money, then loan it to the American government, with interest.

In 1971, the American government gave the federal reserve the power to print money without the need to have the same amount of gold to back it up. Before that, American printed dollars needed to be backed up by the same amount of gold investment.

The worrying trend is that from 1971 onwards printed money has been backed up by nothing. Also, from this point the national debt rose to $14 trillion dollars.

What is happening now is that nations and central banks are BUYING GOLD. This trend is continuing to increase as a safeguard to printed money.

Gold Facts

Gold investment is the best solution.

Gold Rely

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