The No.1 401k Retirement Plan

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Working hard for 40 years is the plight for many people.

401k Retirement PlanIf you are fortunate to work this long without being out of work for long periods and have a 401k retirement plan in place then you may think that you have invested sensibly for your latter years.

This may indeed be the case but the problem that many people find is that there retirement fund is not sufficient to provide the same quality of life that they have become accustomed too!

A typical 401k is linked to the stock market. If the economy is doing very well then potentially your fund will grow and you may have a sufficient money to live off in your retirement.

The challenge in recent times  is that the economy is very much up and down. When it is down then your fund valuation could get a nasty surprise by being almost wiped out.

The problem with paper based investments is that they have proven to be of little value in the last 30 years. Stocks, mutual funds and bonds is where the top investors would put their money in hoping that they would get a good return.

Some did get an excellent return on investment and became millionaires and even billionaires overnight. However, this way of investment is not so steady currently and it is important to look at other ways to invest.

The Best 401k Retirement Plan

A 401k rollover to a gold IRA is becoming more popular. Its because is in scarce supply and in turn this means that people want what they can’t get.

If you own gold bars or gold bullion then you are one of the smart people who have within their possession a precious metal that can potentially ride the waves when their economic uncertainty.

Gold works because demand outweighs supply. It is a limited resource and can potentially hold its value or indeed increase in value as the US economy or globlal market suffers a slump in performance.

A gold rollover is simple to apply for. There are numerous gold IRA companies readily available but there are just a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest in what they can offer.

Regal Assets is a company which has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and consistently get excellent reviews from TrustLink.

What really sets them part are their approach to offering outstanding customer service. They are a caring company that offer easy to understand advice to those who maybe are unsure of what investing in gold is all about.

This is represented in the free Gold Retirement Guide which they send out to all applicant who meet the criteria of buying gold from them.

This Guide is packed with simple to understand information and you also get the latest edition of Forbes magazine.

If you are looking for the best 401k retirement plan than a gold IRA is great solution.

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