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Company: Regal Assets
BBB Rating: A+
Our Recommendation: Top Gold IRA Company
Website: visit
Address: 2600 W. Olive Avenue, 5th Floor Burbank, CA 91505

We live in uncertain times with the global economic market. Many people are searching for ways to invest their money that will not just bring a return but also hold its value.

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver can potentially be the solution to protecting your investment.

If you are looking for ways to enjoy your retirement with the same standard of living that you currently are enjoying then gold investment may be the only solution that will provide this.

Precious metals are widely regarded as being safe from any uncertainty in the market. The dollar was previously known as being safe but in recent times the dollar has not escaped the financial uncertainty experienced by the global markets.

Where Is The Best Place To Invest?

Gold is the best place to invest your money. It can go up and down in price but due to it’s intrinsic value gold is less likely to fluctuate in the market.

A Gold IRA company that specializes in precious metals is Regal Assets. This company can create a self-directed IRA which in turn will provide you with control and the important ability to diversify.

The company was founded in 2009 and are going from strength to strength. They are widely renowned at being at the forefront of precious metals investment.

Regal Assets has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and consistently achieves awards for providing a 5 star customer service.

Regal Assets Better Business Bureau Ratings

Regal Assets

Regal Assets is also an established member of Trustlink, which was previously part of BBB, but is now a separate organization.

Regal Assets Trustlink

Customer Testimonials

Regal Assets mission is to provide exceptional customer service to clients and they are extremely proud to receive a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

This rating can be seen in their testimonials.

Regal Assets Testimonials

When investing your money it’s smart to look at where the millionaires and billionaires are investing. Regal Assets monitors the current movers and shakers in the investment field to get important decision making strategies when it comes to where to invest.

They find the top investing multi-millionaires billionaires who invest a significant amount into gold and ask them for their advice about why they buy gold to invest in.

The top investors invest in gold because they know that this precious metal can provide a “safe haven” for their investment particularly when the economy is facing uncertainty.

Ratings, Reviews & Press

Regal Assets has obtained exceptional ratings and reviews from a selection of organizations, publications and websites.

Regal Assets ratings and reviews:

Regal Assets Credentials

Informer Potential Clients About Gold Investment

Regal Assets is at the forefront of educating prospective clients about the potential of buying precious metals such as gold bullion and gold coins.

They offer a FREE Gold IRA Investment Kit which includes a copy of the Forbes edition which featured the company. Also included is information about the Federal Reserve and advice about what is required to invest into a Gold IRA.

This Gold Investment Guide helps the potential client to understand about how investing in gold can be beneficial for their 401K and retirement fund.

This provides added confidence, along with the exceptional customer service, for the potential client to proceed with using the services of Regal Assets.

Gold IRA Rollover Procedure

To set up a gold IRA with Regal Assets you must move your existing or 401(k) or IRA to them. Below is their own procedure detailing how this is done:

Regal Assets Gold IRA Procedure

Why Choose Regal Assets?

Regal Assets have one of the fastest shipping processes for all precious metal purchases including retirement accounts. The client will typically get precious metals in their possession within 7 business days of the account funding.

Most competitors in the precious metals business take more than 30 days to deliver and as much as 90 days for retirement accounts.

If Regal Assets miss the 7 business day deadline for shipping metals they provide a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to the clients order without cost to the client.

The client will receive notification for all items that are shipped and will also get a tracking number to track the precious metals.

It’s important to note that all precious metals are shipped discreetly and fully insured. The company takes complete responsibility for precious metals until they are signed and received by the client.

Regal Assets are an industry leader for precious metals retirement accounts. They provide the best storage and fee structure as well as the fastest processing time.

They use Brinks for precious metal retirement accounts storage. They are the only precious metals company which also has segregated storage with Brinks for a flat fee of $150.00 per year; most competitors begin at $225.00 per year for segregated storage and most don’t provide it.

Moreover, their administration fees for the year on all retirement accounts are a flat $100.00. Most of their precious metals competitors have a scaling administration fee schedule which cost the clients more as the account value increases.

Their competitors also provide a similar scaling fee schedule for storage costing the client more as the account increases.

Their typical competitor provides comingled storage for precious metal retirement accounts and can cost more than segregated storage with Regal Assets.

What Yearly Fees Does Regal Assets Charge For Retirement Accounts?

Regal Assets charge a flat fee of $250.00 per year for each retirement account no matter what the value of the account. The fee breaks down to $100.00 for administration on the account and $150.00 for segregated storage of metals.

While all precious metals are being held at Brinks they are fully insured. They pay the first year dues for retirement accounts which include the setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and delivery of metals.

All precious metal retirement accounts will not receive a bill until the second year and the bill will be a flat $250.00.

What Is The Minimum Investment Amount For A Precious Metals Retirement Account?

The current minimum investment is $10,000.00.

What Is The Minimum Investment For Cash Deals?

The current minimum investment is $5,000.00.

What Steps Does A Potential Client Take To Set Up A Precious Metals IRA?

The potential client will simply need to complete the gold IRA form.

Analysis and Recommendation:

For quite some time now the press and media portrayed stories about the dismal economic climate. The stories prevail around companies going into bankruptcy, recession and even the downfall of an entire country.

It is widely reported that paper-based investments such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds are worthless. They can lose money and that typical IRA’s devalue as a direct result of being associated to those investments.

As a consequence, where do smart investors look to invest money. The answer is Gold.

This precious metal has stood the test of time and keeps on being a very popular investment. It is both safe, solid and provides peace of mind as a “safe haven” for many people.

Gold is a precious metal that is a scarce asset. It does not fall victim to a sudden and catastrophic loss in valuation which can be so typical in the investment industry. Gold’s value is by being a precious metal in limited supply.

Due to this, it does not devalue quickly and will only fluctuate based on supply and demand.  It does not go into free fall like other financial assets because of its inherent and essential value.

Having a gold IRA does provide many significant benefits for retirees. It gives peace of mind due to being less volatile in the market and a much less likelihood of suffering a decrease in fund value.

In Summary

From this review, one can ascertain that Regal Assets is exceptional in many respects. Due to this, it is easy to recommend them as a stand out Gold IRA company for people seeking a secure and stable investment vehicle for an IRA.

Regal Assets provide an excellent information guide, with their free Gold Investment Kit, for those who may need advice about the benefits of investing in precious metals.

This company has many merits and will provide peace of mind for those looking to invest in a Gold IRA and that is why, we give Regal Assets our highest recommendation.

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Disclosure: If you are on this website you have been sent or referred here by an affiliate, agent or partner who is promoting Regal Assets. All affiliates, agents and partners are compensated for referrals.


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