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Name: Regal Assets Affiliate Program
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Regal Assets Affiliate Program

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Regal Assets affiliate program is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs available. They provide an excellent opportunity to earn top affiliate commissions by promoting gold ira’s.

Investing in gold is becoming one of the best ways to protect your retirement account and provides a safe way to build your financial future.

More and more experienced investors are putting their money in buying gold.

They realize that the current economic market is volatile and typical paper-based investments are not providing the best way for secure investment.

There is always an element of risk when you invest in any commodity but at the same time you can reap high rewards if you invest smartly and this is where gold investment can really come into play.

Many people are finding that by working hard and putting money in a 401K retirement account is not the most ideal way to build a financial wall around your family and future.

People are looking at other ways to invest and buying gold coins and gold bullion is becoming a shrewd way to invest for now and the future.

Because of the sudden popularity of a 401K rollover to a gold ira new opportunities are their for affiliate marketers to promote a high paying affiliate program.

Regal Assets High Ticket Affiliate Program

The Regal Assets Affiliate Program is a leading high paying commission program.

They have been around since 2009 and have some very experienced employees who can help you to invest in gold.

Their affiliate program pays high ticket commissions to its affiliates. Also, you can earn top commission when a lead from your website turns into a buying customer.

This is the commission structure:

  • You get 3% of the amount invested by each customer as a commission. (this can be huge money!) (For example: If your customer invests $1,000,000, you get a $30,000 commission! Also, every time your customers invests you earn a commission. The average investment amount at Regal Assets is between $20,000 – $50,000)
  • When your sub-affiliates invest (through their customers), your commission will be 2%. Sub-affiliates are people you have referred.
  • You earn $30 cash when a customer orders a free gold investment kit from your website.
  • You earn $100 cash when a customer calls your own Regal Assets assigned phone number (1-800 numbers) and spends more than 10 minutes talking to a Regal Assets customer services representative.

Earn High Ticket Affiliate Commissions!

Regal AssetsThe potential to earn a six figure income is very achievable and there have been 7 millionaires created so far through their affiliate program.

The company that looks after the Regal Assets affiliate program is Click Again.

You apply on their own online application form making sure all boxes/fields are completed on the form.

It helps to have a website already to show Regal Assets that you are serious about promoting their affiliate program.

If you need help with creating a website then please take a look at the best affiliate marketing training platform that can help you create your own website and market it online.

Click Again are pivotal in ensuring that the affiliate program runs smoothly.

As of January 2016, a new state of the art back office has been created for new affiliates which helps to keep track of all leads, customers and affiliates.

There are many other resources in the back office such as banners, videos and lead capture forms all which assist in promoting the affiliate program.

There will also be a mentor program where the top earning affiliates will share their lead generation expertise.

Everything is there within the program to show you how to promote Regal Assets to generate leads that go onto become buying customers.

There is also a customer support team in place who will close the sales for you. They are very experienced and will answer any questions from your prospective customers.

Commissions are paid at the beginning of each month for sales made in the previous month and payouts are made via Paypal.

Start promoting the Regal Assets affiliate program by joining for FREE. Submit your online application by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Regal Assets Affiliate Program”

  1. John says:

    Can you still become an affiliate for Regal Assets?
    I have filled out the information to become an affilite and can’t send it.

    1. Kevin says:

      Hi John, yes you can still become an affiliate for Regal Assets.

      Here is the link to join:

      You need to make sure that all the boxes/fields are completed on the application form. This includes website and approx monthly website visitors.

      Regal Assets like to see that you have a website already in place to promote their affiliate program to show that you are a serious candidate. If you need help creating a website then let me know and I will help you.

      Please also make sure you clear your cache/cookies on your computer or try on another computer.

      Please let me know how you get on.


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