Gold Retirement Plan

Invest In Gold IRA as Your Retirement Plan?

A Gold IRA can help safeguard your 401K and retirement account.

Paper-based investments such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds no longer provide the stability to protect your financial future in an increasing uncertain global economy.

Gold IRA Growth Since 2001:

Regal Assets Retirement Plan

A definite financial asset like gold can go a long way to securing your financial portfolio.

As mentioned, we live in precarious times and the global economic markets are highly volatile. Even when it appears that the markets have stabilized somewhat then we are thrown into more chaos when they become uncertain again.

Gold has been around for thousands of years and during those times it has proven to be an asset like no other for enduring economically challenging times.

Most people are hard working and want to ensure that they and their families are well cared for in their latter years.

Of course, most people want to have the same standard of life they are accustomed to in their retirement. This can be achieved and more but it does come down to investing smartly.

Rollover Your 401K Into A Gold IRA

Gold is the most smart way to invest for safeguarding your retirement. Whether that be a 401K rollover or Gold IRA.

By looking at the financial data above you will see the growth of Gold over the years and why it is wise to invest in Gold.

Buying precious metals is proving more popular by the day. If you know about this financial investment then you are ahead of the field who are still in the dark and investing in paper-based investments.

For example, by purchasing $33,000 of gold in 2001, you could sell that gold right now for approx $129,551.12. That equates to over 300% return on investment! You will find it difficult to get that kind of return in a typical retirement account.

Another example is by purchasing $33,000 of gold in 1971 and kept it through the recent economic crisis you could sell that gold today for approx $1,155,000.00!!!.

Gold has always proven to be the smartest and safest option when it comes to protecting your 401K or IRA.

It’s benefits are acquired for a multitude of reasons such as to hedge volatile stock markets, to offset fluctuating commodities prices, and to protect falling home prices.

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