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Gold vs. Inflation

Its well documented that inflation is becoming uncontrollable.

People are getting more wiser nowadays with where to invest their hard earned money and the best way is to protect your financial investments with GOLD.

What happens is that when inflation increases, then the likelihood is that to enjoy your life in retirement will require higher costs.

This is unfortunate because you may have worked all your working life just to look forward to your retirement and only to realize that you will need surplus funds just to enjoy it.

Take a look of just how inflation works:

A great example to illustrate how inflation works is imagining the United States total supply of money was $1 Million Dollars. Lets say you had 10% of this supply, which amounts to $100,000.00.

By all accounts you would be a very wealthy individual and if your money increased by 10 trillion then what would your $100,000 be worth right then?

Ironically, you could not be classed as a wealthy person. This happens to be a world-wide phenomenon and has happened in the last 90 years.

This is a simple illustration of just what inflation can mean. It can have a major impact on individuals and economies.

The dollar has increased publicly by more than $2.68 trillion dollars since 2009. Just imagine how worthless your dollars will be if this trend was to continue in such an aggressive manner?

Currency Hyperinflation

The challenge facing most investors is that the typical investment vehicles such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds will not escape inflation. These are options will find it hard to protect your savings.

What’s worrying is that if you rely totally on paper-based investments then your money could be cleared out very quickly. This is what happened in 2008. Many people lost their money through these types of investments.

If the very same investors had safeguarded their retirement fund with Gold then this would have been more than adequate protection.

Also, by having bonds or treasury notes will only provide a fixed return. Due to inflation getting out of control these become a lot less valuable.

This all means that the typical retirement accounts like a 401K are less stable and you really are gambling on your financial future if this is all you do.

By investing in Gold will provide you with the opportunity to safeguard your retirement account.

The Best Investment In A Turbulent Global Economy Is Gold…

Countries Buying Gold

Buying gold is becoming increasingly more common around the world. Countries like China and India are buying gold to safeguard their economies.

They consumed 52% of the world’s gold in 2010. By 2011, the demand from China and India drove a 7.5 percent demand for gold jewelry. This all despite a 25% increase in the price.

China India Buying Gold

Right now the global economy is becoming more uncertain every day. Paper-based investments may not be the best way to protect your 401K or IRA.

Gold has proven time again to be a reliable way to safeguard your retirement account.


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